The Impact of Writing a Best Selling Book

Is writing a book on your bucket list?  Apparently about 4 out of 5 people want to write a book, but very few people (something like 1 – 2%) actually do it and finish.  Having a good idea is easy – it’s more about the discipline to follow through and do the things that may not come as easily during the writing and editing process. I would almost compare it to running a marathon race – you need discipline, a plan, and a deadline.

Earlier this year, I decided to write a book.  Why?  I have wanted to write a book for years, but like many others, I wasn’t sure what I would write about and how to actually make it happen.  I was fortunate enough to meet a book marketing specialist who I hired to walk me through the entire process.  I know that I would have never got it to the finish line without her. One her first questions to me was “Why?”  I realized that I wanted to build credibility in my community and have a tangible product and source of knowledge that would help entrepreneurs understand the financial aspects of running a business. Through my financial coaching, I was seeing too many business owners who were in debt or at risk of closing their businesses due to reasons that could have been easily avoided.  Many of them had spent thousands of dollars on mistakes that they couldn’t recover from.  I decided to make November 1st my deadline so I could take it to a business conference that I was planning to attend and have the book be available for year-end tax planning.

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Small Business Finance for the Busy Entrepreneur


I’m excited to say that with the help of many of you, readers, and partners, the launch of Small Business Finance for the Busy Entrepreneur was a success!  The book made #1 Amazon Best Seller list and #1 Amazon Hot New Releases in three categories!   The book was in #1 place over Shark Tank’s Daymond John’s book…wow!

Amazon #1 Best Seller in New Business Enterprises

Amazon #1 Best Seller & #1 Hot New Releases in New Business Enterprises


#1 Amazon Best Seller in Bookkeeping

#1 Amazon Best Seller & #1 Hot New Releases in Bookkeeping


#1 Amazon Best Seller & #1 Hot New Releases in Accounting/Bookkeeping

#1 Amazon Best Seller & #1 Hot New Releases in Accounting/Bookkeeping


Achieving #1 Best Seller status and Hot New Releases in three categories far exceeded my expectations and I look forward to hearing how this book has made a difference in the success of entrepreneurs who really need it, like those who I met this past weekend…

I recently got back from a 2-day business conference in Nashville with over 3,000 entrepreneurs.  I didn’t have an official vendor booth to display and sell my books, yet sold copies of my book to entrepreneurs who asked what I did and bought my book within minutes of meeting me!  It felt really good to know that this book is greatly needed by many entrepreneurs who don’t fully understand the financial aspects of running a business and are thankful to see there is an easy to understand, step-by-step solution.

There is one conversation during the conference that stands out in my mind and really tugs at my heart.  This Midwestern entrepreneur said she was struggling to figure out how to come up with the cash needed to continue paying for inventory to build her products.  She wasn’t sure how she could continue her business. After she got a copy of my book, she shared that she was at risk of bankruptcy because her husband had lost his job and they had three small children to support.  It breaks my heart to hear her story, but it is sadly very common.  She is proof that the information in this book is definitely needed – to give all entrepreneurs a greater chance to succeed and stay in business.  My goal is that she can take the lessons in the book, especially in Chapters 2, 8, 17, and 20 to turn around her business and financial situation.

Thank you to everyone who shared in the journey of this book launch and for purchasing the book. The paperback version is now available – grab copies to gift to those family members, friends, and clients who own small businesses or have always dreamed of starting a business.  This book can greatly change their ability to save time and money, stay in business, and take care of their families.

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