Are you frustrated that you’re working so hard but don’t have the money to show for it?

With the Busy Entrepreneur Program, you’ll learn how to make more money without feeling spread too thin.   You can earn more money and scale the business without sacrificing sleep and time with family and loved ones.


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Check out testimonials from current and past small business clients on how the Busy Entrepreneur Program helped transform their businesses:

“Being a new business owner has challenges in itself. I was overwhelmed with where to begin and how to organize my finances being a new business owner. Not having a clue of where to begin. I loved how Sylvia took me step by step and had suggestions that I never would have thought of before. Saving me time and money. Her approach to organization is impeccable. I feel like I learned so much more than I ever expected. As a new business, there are so many things to consider and she made sure that I addressed issues that I had not even considered. For this reason, as I grow I will be keeping her in my back pocket using her and her book to make sure that I don’t make financial mistakes.” – Karen Thomas RDH, Holistic Digestive Solutions

“Working with Sylvia using the cost of good sold (COGS) templates has been eye-opening and caused immediate changes in my pricing structure. I realized that in order to achieve my desired margins, I had to increase prices on some products and move from % discounts to a set $ discount with others. I instituted these changes immediately and with confidence. The old adage ‘knowledge is power’ rings true. Thanks to Sylvia’s excellent coaching, I promise to remain coachable (and profitable)!” – Angella Fraser, HeadSpace NC

“I couldn’t have steered my company in the right direction without Sylvia’s help! She quickly identified where I needed to plug the leaks. She created a specialized action plan that fit my company’s own unique needs within the first week.

I’ve learned so much about the number side of running a business; profit & loss, business overhead cost and increasing revenue. The business templates she created and provided were invaluable to say the least. She showed me that by reaching out to one extra (potential) client a day how I could increase my monthly sales.

Thanks to Sylvia I’ll be expanding the business next year and will continue to use her services as I reach new levels of success.” – Catherine Cotta, C.A. Cotta Corporation

“As a busy business owner, sometimes the last thing you want to do is add one more thing to your week…like reading another email! However, receiving the SMI Coaching newsletter is the highlight on my week because it is like getting free VALUABLE business coaching you can relate to immediately. Sylvia has a way of sharing information that lets you know she gets what you are dealing with on a daily basis in your business! I always benefit from the current content in each weekly newsletter. Thanks, Sylvia” – Lois Cozart, Owner, My Girlfriend’s Closet, Inc.

“I have run a business for fourteen years now and have never really focused on the financial side of it, other than managing invoices and paying bills. One reason was because it seemed like a daunting task and I just wasn’t comfortable. Sylvia used common sense approaches to make things matter of fact and I was able to get a better hold on things. She also offers great insight on simplifying product offerings and streamlining the cash flow process. Would recommend her to any business owner who wants financial clarity in their operation.” – Brian Scott, Aggie Technologies NC

“My experience during our coaching was exactly what I had hoped for. The calls were interesting and there was plenty of content to discuss. Sylvia gave me items to work on between calls and provided accountability to help ensure the items were accomplished.

Hiring a coach is an investment in your business and in yourself and in my experience, it’s been worth every penny. Sylvia has provided me with exactly what I was looking for and more and I feel 100% confident that my real estate business will continue to flourish and I will know exactly how to manage it all so that I can reach my goals.” – Angelina Corroo, Ford Corroo Realty