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How to Manage Your Finances Smarter as a Small Business Owner

Curious what the top mistakes many small business owners make?  Learn how to manage your business money better and the importance of having multiple income streams in my interview with Jen Hemphill, podcast host of Her Dinero Matters.

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Learn How to Be Better with Your Money

Do you want to learn how to be better with money, use systems to save time (and make more money), and grow a profitable business?  Be sure to listen to my podcast interview on Wrestling with Real Estate with host, Barri Griffiths, former WWE wrestler.

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Understanding the Numbers

I constantly see small business owners make the same five expensive mistakes.  Find out what they are in this podcast interview on the Best Ever Show with podcast host, Joe Fairless.

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Top Tools that Every Small Business Owner Needs

Need to learn the top tools that every small business owner needs to save time and make more money? Definitely check out this podcast episode with hosts Seyla & Aileen Prak from “How Did They Do It? Real Estate.

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Paths to Higher Profit Revenue

If you have little to no cash flow at the end of each month, be sure to watch my interview on Paths to Higher Profit Revenue!

Wendy Harrington, the owner of TapThis, asked me great questions, and I shared the 3 common pricing mistakes that I find many entrepreneurs make.

Find out if you’ve been making any of these mistakes!

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Pricing Offers for Profit

It was an honor to be a guest on The Next 100 Days podcast with UK co-hosts Graham Arrowsmith and Kevin Appleby.

We talked about why it’s not really the company with the best product that wins the day…but the businesses that know how to achieve profitability.

Find out what affects your business profitability in this interview.

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How to Manage Your Small Business’ Finances During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Honored to be asked to return as a podcast guest on Couple Money!

In this episode, podcast host, Elle Martinez, asked me to share tips for how small business owners can keep their businesses afloat while dealing with a decline in income. 

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Feed Your Mind - Keep Your Business Financially Healthy

Vibe Cary Coworking hosts a monthly Feed Your Mind series.  April is Financial Literacy Month and I joined a panel of speakers to share tips, tools and strategies for business success during uncertain times.

In this virtual presentation, I shared the “Top 5 Mistakes Small Business Owners Make (that they don’t do with their personal finances).”  It was great to hear that no one in this audience was making Mistake #1, but almost everyone was making Mistake #4.

Find out how to avoid these common mistakes! 

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(*Note – I’m the 2nd speaker and start around the 26-minute mark.) 

Episode 11: Financial Systems Coach & Entrepreneur Advocate

Podcast hosts Jenny Midgley and Sarah Madras invited me into their podcast studio to share ways to make more money as a small business owner. 

We talked about tools, systems, raising the average order value, the power of outsourcing, and batching your work which can free up your time to balance the mommy (or daddy) guilt in balancing your home life and business.

Find out how to protect your boundaries in this dynamic episode:

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Mastering Your Money as a Small Business Owner during uncertain times

Headshot, brand, and marketing photographer, Jenny Midgley, invited me to share practical tips for managing business finances during these uncertain times of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Many business owners are wondering if they should just wait and see things out during the business shut-downs…

I think EVERY business owner should find out how they can pivot and change or tweak their offerings to still serve their ideal customers. 

While you should certainly trim unnecessary expenses, find out which tools you should definitely keep on your list. 

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E71 – How to Best Manage Your Business Finances

Lacey Langford is The Military Money Expert.   On her show, we talked about how to best manage money when you own a business.  There are so many things to consider, and if you don’t know what you don’t know…you can easily get off on the wrong foot. 

In this interview, I share exactly how many business bank accounts you should have and how to best pay yourself as a business owner.

If you like this episode, please share so other business owners can get their finances in order.

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E146 - Sylvia Inks - Stragetic Money Moves for Small Business

Liz Theresa with Liz on Biz helps entrepreneurs overcome the mental, financial, and emotional hurdles of starting or scaling a business by sharing personal stories and valuable advice from guest experts.

In this interview, Liz and I talked about how important it is for every entrepreneur to know his or her break-even number. I’ve seen the same mistakes made by small business owners when it comes to money, especially when it comes to where they choose to spend their money and how they price their products/services.

Tell me if you agree on what we both say is the BIGGEST mistake that we see small business owners do when trying to “market” their business: Listen to the podcast.

E349 – How to Start and Grow a Local Consulting Business: Effective Marketing Ideas

Nick Loper is an experienced entrepreneur, author, and podcast host of Side Hustle Nation.  He teaches people how to start side hustles to earn more money, pay off debt, learn new skills, and escape the rat race.

In this episode, we talked about how to start and grow a local consulting business, how one speaking opportunity turned into multiple speaking gigs throughout my local entrepreneurship community, and how a $1,000 investment in my business yielded a 7x ROI. Listen to the podcast.

Ep43: How to Optimize Your Finances As a Freelancer or Small Business Owner | with Sylvia Inks

Zack Arnold, the founder of Optimize Yourself, helps ambitious creative professional and entrepreneurs overcome procrastination, depression, and creative burnout.

I met Zack through Ramit Sethi’s Zero to Launch program.  As an award-winning Hollywood film editor who was also working on the side to create his own business, Zack shared with me that he hated dealing with the money, finances, bills, and paperwork.  While he acknowledged the “necessary evils of finances,” he felt like he was wasting time when instead he could be creating.  He had a closet full of paperwork and receipts that he only dealt with once a year…during his “week of pain” right before taxes were due. 

In this podcast interview, I shared with Zack and his listeners the key tips to organizing your finance and how to outsource those piles of receipts to a company called ShoeBoxed. Listen to the podcast.

Sylvia Inks Educates Entrepreneurs How to Manage Their Money and Build a Profitable Business

Elaine Rau started as a platform for female entrepreneurs to be seen and heard.  She wants to connect women from all over the world, build strong relationships, and create a network that fosters sharing insight and expertise.  Elaine was great to work with as she interviewed me on why and how I started my financial coaching business.  I share advice, favorite business tools, and recent good book that I’ve read that has helped me both personally and professionally.  Read the blog post.

The Do’s and Dont’s of Personal vs. Business Finances

Shoeboxed is a Durham-based company that has an expense and receipt tracking app that helps people get reimbursed quickly, maximize tax deductions, and save time and hassle when doing their accounting.  Michael Hourigan interviewed Sylvia to find out the what are the common rules of do’s and don’ts to save seasoned business owners a lot of stress come tax time.  Find out what happens when you don’t correctly separate your personal from business finances.  Read the blog post.

Sylvia Inks, Small Business Finance Coach, reaches Number 1 Amazon best seller list with her first book, “Small Business Finance for the Busy Entrepreneur.”

Authority Presswire, an online news distribution, announced that “Small Business Finance for the Busy Entrepreneur” by small business finance coach, Sylvia Inks, garnered three #1 best seller spots tied to starting a business and small business bookkeeping the day of official release on Amazon. Sylvia shares why she wrote the book and how it’s different than other finance books. One book reviewer reported that “the book covers a whole range of areas that are often overlooked or poorly managed by the creative entrepreneur.”  Read the press release.

Sylvia Inks - Small Business Finance for the Busy Entrepreneur

Jack Mize, the host of Influencers Radio, is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and professionals position themselves as authority in their field.  He interviews educators and advocates in various fields including business, finance, fitness, psychology and more.  He talked with Sylvia about her bestselling book and asked her to share some of the biggest mistakes that aspiring and experienced business owners make and how this can have a huge impact on their success and even survival of their business.  Listen to radio interview.

9 Secrets to a Successful Book Launch Party

Alice Osborn is a poet, writing coach, and musician who has hosted many book events.  She shares her knowledge with first-time and experienced authors on her blog, Write From the Inside Out.  Learn how Alice inspired Sylvia to host her first book launch party and share the lessons learned.  Read the blog post.

What to Know When Starting a Small Business

Shannon McLay started her company The Financial Gym to focus on helping individuals in their 20s and 30s get and stay financially fit.  She had Sylvia join as a guest on her fun and informative Martinis and Your Money podcast to talk about top money mistakes and the best-selling book, Small Business Finance for the Busy Entrepreneur.   Listen to podcast.

His and Her Money Podcast

The Blueprint for Building a Profitable Business with Sylvia Inks

His and Her Money is a podcast hosted by two high school sweethearts who fell in love, got married, but were total opposites when it came to handling their finances.  Talaat and Tai share how they climbed their way out of debt together (twice) and help others see that while opposites attract, working together as a couple is crucial when facing financial challenges.  Sylvia had a great time chatting with America’s #1 Money Couple about the things you need to consider before, during, and after starting up a small business.  Find out why every entrepreneur needs a cash cushion and why a legal entity for your business is crucial from the very beginning.    Listen to the podcast.

You Just Launched a Book: 8 Tips to Make Tax Day Less Stressful

Alice Osborn, author, freelance writer, editor, and writing coach, provides many resources to help current and aspiring authors.  She asked Sylvia to provide advice to make tax day less stressful for authors.  While many entrepreneurs may have CPAs, they may not know all the right questions to ask or realize the importance of selecting the best invoicing and payment system for their business.  Find out the top lessons learned that all authors need to know before and after their book launch.  Read the blog post.